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Carpet can fill both residential and commercial needs easily

If you’re in the market for a fully functional floor covering that offers luxurious softness, excellent texture, and some of the most design-friendly patterns available, carpet is a perfect material. There are plenty of benefits that go along with this flooring too, including excellent durability. With proper installation, you can even expect a long lifespan to enjoy those benefits in whatever space you install it. For both residential and commercial settings, you deserve an opportunity to consider what this floor covering can do for you.

Locust Trading Companyhas everything you need for a successful flooring project. From professional associates to help match you to the perfect high-quality floor covering to skillful installation experts for a picture-perfect finish, you’ll get exactly what you need when you visit our Andrews, NC showroom. From there, we serve the communities of Andrews, Murphy, Lake Nantahala, Hayesville, Blairsville, Peachtree, Robbinsville, and the Qualla Boundary in Cherokee. Come find out how we can serve you with excellent products and affordable prices for residential and commercial flooring alike.
Luxury carpet in Andrews, NC from Locust Trading Company

Choosing carpet for all your needs

Carpet flooring is an excellent material to floor both residential and commercial settings. In homes, it offers the amazing benefits of heat retention, noise reduction, and safety for those with mobility issues, either young or old. It helps to create a welcome atmosphere while also being loaded with benefits such as built-in stain and odor protection, even with pets in the home. Be sure to ask about special pet-friendly materials that will really come in handy.

In commercial settings, such as Airbnb’s, office complexes, retail settings, and places of worship, carpet offers luxurious softness, and the cozy atmosphere. This can help make visitors automatically feel more at home, and more at ease. Choose the perfect texture for ease of cleaning and maintenance, along with built-in stain protection for fewer permanent stains. At the same time, you’ll get a wealth of options with solid colors, patterns, and designs to match any atmosphere or decor set.

In both residential and commercial settings, carpet is an excellent material that has a great lifespan. To make the most of that lifespan, be sure to take advantage of our professional flooring installation. This isn’t just another floor covering, it’s an investment that will last many years, and protecting it with an installation completed by experts in the field is a great way to make sure you get the very best from this material.

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