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Hardwood flooring makes a huge difference in your home

The fact that hardwood flooring carries an elegance that has few rivals is a well-known piece of information in the flooring industry. So is the fact that it has a very extensive lifespan. Whether you choose solid or engineered, you’ll get some of the most amazing options available, along with benefits you’ll enjoy for years to come. And we are prepared to help you find the best characteristics for your own home.

With more than 30 years of experience in the flooring industry, Locust Trading Company’s owners, Ken & Margo Locust, are proud to serve the communities surrounding our Andrews, NC showroom location. We not only offer an excellent selection of high-quality flooring materials for residential customers, but we also have a builders program suited specifically for builders and contractors. All at prices you can afford. If you are in the areas of Andrews, Murphy, Nantahala, Blairsville, Peachtree, Robbinsville, and the Qualla Boundary in Cherokee, feel free to visit us at your convenience.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Murphy, NC from Locust Trading Company

Factors that set hardwood flooring apart from others

Size can greatly affect both the look and functionality of your floors. Our traditional sizes include 2 ¾ -inch, 3 ¼ -inch, and 5 -inch wider widths and longer planks are available up to 8 -inches wide. Multi-width floors, which allow you to combine widths such as 3, 5, and 7 inches, offer the ability to truly personalize your flooring. This can help you make a specific statement with decor alone; featuring something you just don’t see everywhere.

Just like multi-width floors, multi-species floors can also make a statement in your home. The combination of domestic and exotic species, such as Acacia, Tigerwood, Hickory, and Walnut, can not only provide you with different grain patterns but different natural colors as well. The result is a flooring that speaks to your specific preferences and a perfect match for some of your most unique interior design elements.

It’s important to remember that solid hardwood flooring can never be placed in below grade, or below ground, spaces. Temperature changes, moisture, and humidity can all cause major problems if that is attempted. If you have spaces like this that need a floor covering, be sure to ask your flooring associate about engineered hardwood flooring. Instead of being solid from top to bottom, this product offers a real wood veneer sandwiched between a backing layer and a protective backing layer.

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